The 2011 Petition to ban cosmetic pesticides

This petition was Presented to the NL House of Assembly by Yvonne Jones, Liberal Party Leader. Thank you to Yvonne Jones, Peter Miles,  and staff!

Online petition – A Call To Enact Legislation Banning The Use Of Pesticides For Cosmetic (Non-Essential) Purposes In The Province Of Newfoundland And Labrador


5 responses to “The 2011 Petition to ban cosmetic pesticides

  1. Ban these poisons! Don’t make this about damaging private business! They should want to make the change for the safety of their workers, children and pets.

  2. Jennifer J. Allwood

    It’s a concern that this province always seems to be behind the times when it comes to creating a more healthy and safer environment for ourselves and for our future generations. Is there any doubt that this ban should be implemented? I look forward to the years ahead when we are the forward thinkers who help other provinces make a difference in the lives of their inhabitants. Wake up people.

  3. Everyone should be concerned about pesticides .There are healthy alternatives that work. We do not need toxic lawns and gardens………

  4. I heard you on the radio tonight (VOCM) and couldn’t agree more with most of what I heard! Wish I had heard about the public forum as I’m very interested in the topic both personally and professionally. I’m a Neuropsychiatry researcher working for the only neuropsychiatrist in the province, and the only specialist in the province treating adults with autism, Dr. Hugh Mirolo. I also used to work for the provincial government’s Department of Environment & Conservation. I’d love to be/keep in touch!

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