Natural Lawn Care

Here Are Some Simple Steps to Follow to Achieve a Beautiful Organic Lawn:

  1. Cut Grass no shorter than 7 cm. Sharpen your lawnmower blades every year.
  2. Leave a thin layer of grass clippings on the lawn as mulch.
  3. Fertilize with compost. You can compost all food scraps that do not contain meat or processed foods. The soil this produces is full of nutrients. A thin layer of this soil can be applied to the lawn.
  4. Re-seed in the Fall. Spread a thick layer of seed over the ground.
  5. Water the lawn once a week, but only an inch of water. Place an empty tin can on the lawn to find out how much this is.
  6. Gently rake the lawn in late spring and early fall.
  7. Aerate the lawn with a garden fork or rent an aerator (share with your neighbours).
  8. Dig out weeds by hand; pour boiling water on those that crop up between patio stones or sidewalks. Vinegar, neem oil, or corn gluten meal can also be applied to weeds.
  9. Consider alternative ground covers: expand the garden and reduce the lawn, plant wildflowers or Dutch White Clover. Native Newfoundland species will require little to no care at all!
  10. Remember  if you currently own any quantity of pesticide or herbicide, you can take it to the Household Hazardous Waste disposal facility at Robin Hood Bay Landfill.
  • Since implementing a ban in 2009, the Government of Ontario has worked to remind citizens of what can and cannot be used on their property. The Ontario Government’s Fact Sheet on Permitted lawn treatments:
  • Pesticide Free BC is a coalition of organizations such as Canadian Cancer Society and ToxicFree Canada.
  • photo credit: neiljaxx

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