May 5, 2014

A Public Forum: Impacts of Pesticides and other Toxic Substances

on Human Health and the Environment:
7:00 pm, Tuesday, May 13, 2014

St Theresa’s Parish Hall, 120 Mundy Pond Road


The Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (CAP-NL)
will be hosting a Public Forum on the health and environmental effects of
pesticides on Tuesday evening, May 13 starting at 7:00 pm at St Theresa’s
Parish Hall, 120 Mundy Pond Road.  CAP-NL is a provincial coalition of health
and environmental organizations and citizens.

Their mandate is to defend basic rights to health and environmental
quality and to eliminate the use of toxic substances such as pesticides
 and replace them with ecologically sound alternatives.


The Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides-NL has been
advocating for changes in pesticide legislation, for a ban on non-essential
pesticides that are shown to be harmful to people and the
environment, and for a “white” list of safe acceptable
products and for protective legislation comparable
to that in Nova Scotia and Ontario.

The Forum to be chaired by Greg Malone will feature presentations
on pesticides and toxic substances by Dr. Atanu Sarkar and Dr. Cora Young.
There will be opportunities for public engagement – comments and questions
following the presentations.


Dr. Sarkar is Asst. Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health,
with the Memorial University Faculty of Medicine and
Dr. Cora Young is Asst. Professor MUN Chemistry Department specializing
in Environmental Chemistry.

CAP-NL is not only concerned about the cosmetic
use of pesticides on lawns but also the highway use
of Tordon 101 herbicide and other toxic substances to
which the public is exposed including polyaromatic hydrocarbons,
plasticizers, flame retardants, non-stick chemicals, pharmaceuticals,
dioxins, polychlorinated biphenyls and chlorinated solvents.
 CAP-NL advocates new legislation, regulations and enforcement
which is required to safeguard public
and environmental health from exposure to these toxic substances.

For Further Information please contact: 
Dr Frank Smith (
726- 5232 or Greg Malone


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